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Featured Dog


Sweet girl Riley is a 10 year old Springer Spaniel mix.  She’s timid around men.  She has lived with other dogs and with cats in the past.  She tends to be a runner, so she needs a fenced yard or someone who will keep a close eye on her. Do you have room in your heart for this darling old gal?



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3 year old pit bull. She is just about as friendly as they come. She was originally ours and then the new owners had family changes and were no longer able to take care of her. She loves belly rubs and being around people. Layla is very loyal to anyone and enjoys hanging out with other dogs as well. She is an all around fun loving dog! Layla is house trained and she knows how to sit pretty. Those chocolate eyes melt your heart when she looks at you. Gorgeous girl!


Sassy is a young, spunky mix. She is approximately a year old and lived in a foster home on a farm for quite awhile. She does really well with children of all ages and is learning to adjust to all the dogs here. We think with proper introduction to dogs, she will do fine. Sassy likes to go for car rides but she has to ride "shot gun" or she isn't very happy! This little gal is such a sweetheart and will melt anyone's heart the moment they meet her. She has these soft eyes that speak to you like no other! Sassy is very smart and is a fast learner. She would love to live somewhere she can run around and play fetch. Such a beautiful girl.


3 year old lab spaniel mix.  This guy has a lot of energy!  Burton has never been around dogs, cats or kids but is learning the ropes out here with all the animals. We think once he is neutered, his attitude will change drastically.  He can be a bit temperamental with the other dogs here but everything is quite new to him. He was an inside/outside dog and we were told he is house trained. He will need a family that can give him structure and guidance to help insure a great life for him!


6 or 7 month old lab mix. This girl had a very rough start as a puppy. She was trained to not jump by tightening her harness. Each time she would jump, it would get tightened more and more until it became imbedded in her back. We don't think the scarring will ever disappear, which is a sad reminder of how cruel things can happen, but this girl does not let that stop her from loving humans! She has a heart of gold and is so eager and playful and really wants to try and please people. She is not house trained yet but she is still young enough to be trained. She will need someone with structure and patience to help guide her into what is right from wrong as she never had that type of guidance in her life. Annabel likes to be active and playful so she will need a family to keep up with her. We do recommend no small children as she gets excited and may knock them over!

Sadie is a beautiful brindle pitbull. She is 4 years old and full of love! Sadie is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. She is not a jumper or licker. She just enjoys relaxing with you and occasionally will chew on toys or raw hides. Sadie knows basic commands of "sit and stay." She has lived with other dogs in her previous home but no cats. She's never been around kids but we think that ages 10 and older would be alright with her as long as they respects her space. If you are looking for a dog to go on walks with you on sunny mornings, she's your girl....Or if you are looking for someone to snuggle with while watching a movie on a rainy day....Yep! Sadie is your girl! All around great dog and was raised with a gentle hand which makes Sadie sweet and gentle as well!

Adoption pending


Blue is a 1 year old yellow lab mix. He is a pretty mellow dog for his age and seems to get along with dogs alright as long as they are at his energy level. He does know "sit pretty" and he is always wanting to please his human. We do not know if he is good with cats. We do know that he does pretty well here with kids but should always be supervised due to him being a lab and they can get a bit "silly." Blue would like to be an indoor dog but would like to have his time to exercise outside in a fenced in yard or a large farm to roam around on for play time.


Young female heeler mix. Jada is a very sweet dog. She came in with 2 pups, which are now adopted. She seems ok with other dogs.


Snowy is an 8 year old Samoyed. She is a sweetheart but needs a good grooming as she is a bit matted from running free for awhile. We will have more info on her as soon as we get to know her better.


Chloe is an 8 year old Lab/Shep mix. If you are looking for the best starter dog for your family, this girl is who you would want! She is completely house trained and crate trained. She loves kids of any age and does extremely well with them. Chloe likes other dogs and a big bonus: she hardly barks! She may be 8 years old, but she looks and plays like she is 2 years old! Chloe is very well mannered and she really enjoys going for runs. Cats aren't so much her thing, but that is ok because she is just perfect the way she is!


Annie is a pitbull that has brought with her 4 pitbull mix puppies. She is very sweet and gentle. Annie is not very fond of the other dogs here but, with time, we think it will get better. We are uncertain on her age as she is a stray. Her past life was not the best and we are very surprised that she likes the human so much after all that was done to her!


Buddy is a 7 year old Schnauzer. He is so stinking cute, its almost unbearable! Now that Buddy has reached the ripe ol' age of 7, he has decided that young kids just aren't his thing. Buddy has always been an only pet so he would need a proper introduction to any other animals that would live in his new home with him. He is fully house trained and is used to being home alone for 5-8 hours and he would usually free roam during that time. Buddy enjoys sleeping in the bed with someone all snuggled up!


Mr. Gus is about a 15 to 20lbs mixed breed. He's probably around 2 years old. Sweet little guy!


3-1/2 year old female retriever/setter mix. She is just as sweet as can be.  Emma is house-trained and likes other dogs.  She does have some energy so she would need an active family or somewhere with a large fenced in yard for play time.  Emma knows her basic commands of sit and stay and would make a great addition to any family!


Star is a 3 year old sharpei mix.  Star has had a rough start to life.  Star has been through such a rough time that she deserves something so much better.  She was extremely thin, had mange, and was full of worms when found.  Her foster mom kept her for 2 months and nursed her back to health.  She is all cleared up from the mange and worms and has gained back her weight.  She is fully house and crate trained.  Star lived with an 11 year old in her foster home and did well with him.  She can be a bit taken back by other dogs, so there would need to be a slow and proper introduction to any other pets.  Star has a lot of love to give someone if they are willing to give her a 2nd chance at life.  Someone out there has to have a place where she can keep learning to trust humans...it will take time and patience but this dog is well worth it and the look in her eyes tells you thank you every day!


2 to 3 year old Shepherd cross.  He is a gentle giant but we were told that he does not do well with small animals.  Pogo has a deep bark and will let you know if someone has come onto your property! He was mainly an outside dog but would come indoors occasionally.  He seems very friendly and is a lover to the human!

Female Yellow lab. We are uncertain on her age. She is very sweet but is extremely timid of everyone. She seems to have a hard time trusting people so she would need someone who has a lot of time to devote to her to help her understand that humans can be good to her. We know that she likes other dogs but then she becomes so attached to the other dog that she strays further from the human and only trusts the dog. We do not know the background on Mya so it is so hard to tell right now why she is so shy of people. We highly recommend a fenced in yard as she will take off if left unattended. Once she gets to trust you, she can be the sweetest dog!




2 year old male hound mix.  He definitely has the hound bark!  For the most part, Shiloh is pretty laid back and quiet.  He will probably need to be in a home with no young children as sometimes he gets excited and will jump up or play bite.  He is still young and would need a home where he has plenty of room to run around and play.  Shiloh would love to live on a farm where he can chase wild animals!  He thinks it's all a game!







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