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Featured Dog


 Jasper is approximately 1-1/2 years old.  He loves playing with other dogs and likes having his time outside to run around a play!  Jasper may even do well with hunting but most of all, he would make a great family pet.  He enjoys going for walks or runs and absolutely loves to go swimming in the pools.


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3 to 4 year old male lab/rottweiler mix.  This boy has the curliest tail ever!  Crate trained and does a good job on house training, too.  He might not be good with other dogs in the house; we're not sure about cats.  Sweet boy with lots of energy!



5 month old female mix. Found as a stray.


Luke is a 6 year old German Shorthair Pointer. He is looking to be a forever family pet as hunting just wasn't his thing. Now most pointers will have a lot of energy but not Luke...he is very mellow and quiet. He knows basic commands of sit and shake and stay. He is completely housetrained and likes to be indoors more than outdoors.

Small dogs or cats are a no-go for him but maybe a bigger dog if introduced properly. Luke has never lived with kids so we would need a family with children that are maybe 10 and up that understand he may need space sometimes. Luke loves to please the human and will walk beside you where ever you may go and loves to go for vehicle rides!


Young female mix. She has the biggest, cutest paws! Ginger is a sweet little gal and seems to be gentle with everyone and all dogs!


4 year old male yellow lab. This energetic boy loves to be with his people, so he would do best with someone who had a lot of time for him. He's great with kids, cats, and dogs of all sizes.  He would make a great farm dog, especially if there are other dogs around.


Male chocolate lab.  Wagner was found as a stray in Aberdeen.  He seems very sweet but he is a lot of dog and has a lot of energy that comes with him!

Jack is a 3 year old medium mix. He is a sweet dog but absolutely can only live with other dogs...no cats. He likes to be outside when it is nice out and catch some sun sitting on a deck or he likes to be curled up next to you on the couch. Jack is fully house trained and is such a sweet and mellow doggie.  He was brought here because of an altercation with a cat but just look at those eyes...he would like a second chance if someone is willing to give him one?

Bud is a coonhound mix. This guy seems pretty friendly and does well with other dogs and children. He does have a bark on him and is not afraid to use it but if you are looking for someone to help entertain the family...this is your guy! We are unsure on the age just yet but will know more after his first vet visit!



Female shih tzu. Sweet girl.  She was found as a stray we were told and we are still learning about her.  We do know that she gets along with other small dogs but likes to bark at our bigger dogs.  We are uncertain on age at this point will know more once vet has seen.



Adorable name, adorable dog! Penelope is a stray that we found on our road about a week ago. She is a younger dog. We're not sure on her age yet, but she will see the vet after the holiday and we will know more then. We do know that she comes alive when kids of all ages come to play with her! She will turn herself inside out for them. Penelope likes to play with other dogs and just loves to get some attention. We are uncertain on the exact breed but looks like she is a Pekinese or Japanese Chin mix? She has the Boston terrier eyes but then that could be the Chin coming through. Either way....she is darn cute!


Big boy Pogo is a 6 or 7 year old Shepherd cross. He is a gentle giant but we were told that he does not do well with small animals. Pogo has a deep bark and will let you know if someone has come onto your property! He was mainly an outside dog but would come indoors occasionally. Gorgeous boy!


Annie is a pitbull that has brought with her 4 pitbull mix puppies. She is very sweet and gentle. Annie is not very fond of the other dogs here but, with time, we think it will get better. We are uncertain on her age as she is a stray. Her past life was not the best and we are very surprised that she likes the human so much after all that was done to her!


Star is a 3 year old sharpei mix.  Star has had a rough start to life.  Star has been through such a rough time that she deserves something so much better.  She was extremely thin, had mange, and was full of worms when found.  Her foster mom kept her for 2 months and nursed her back to health.  She is all cleared up from the mange and worms and has gained back her weight.  She is fully house and crate trained.  Star lived with an 11 year old in her foster home and did well with him.  She can be a bit taken back by other dogs, so there would need to be a slow and proper introduction to any other pets. 


Gizmo is approx. 10 years old. She was rescued from a home. She is a pug mix and acts as if she is 2 years old. Gizmo must have had an old injury to her back right leg she is unable to fully extend it. After being examined by the vet, it was then known that it can't be fixed anymore. We do know that she is not in pain because of it. She runs around playing with other dogs and does just fine; if she becomes too active for too long, she will hold it up and run around on 3 legs (which still doesn't slow her down!)

This sweetie may need to be on medication in the future for arthritis but as of now, she is just looking for someone to let her live out the rest of her life comfortably in a loving home! She is great with all kids and all animals.


8 to 10 week old mix. This boy is as sweet as can be. What a lovebug! He'll be ready to go to his furever home mid to late December.


8 to 10 week old mix. One of the litter that came in a couple weeks ago. This little girl is a Miss Sassy pants! She is always looking for trouble or if she could talk, she'd tell you that trouble finds her! What a cutie, though! She'll be ready to go mid to late December.



She is still waiting for her forever home. She is very fluffy and full of sass! There isn't anything stopping this little girl from having fun! Her mom was a lab mix but we are not sure what the dad was. She'll be ready to go mid to late December.




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